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The simplicity you crave, with the freedom and flexibility you love.

With the efficiency and speed of auto-programming, Integration Designer® APEX gives you an enormous head start on every project. Standard buttons and functionality that used to take hours to program can now be done in minutes.

The freedom you need to bring your ideas to life, is now even better. Take advantage of an improved user experience, with features such as resizable graphics, that makes custom programming easier and more rewarding.

With Integration Designer APEX®, your business now has the scalability to compete in new residential and commercial markets, from one-room projects to sophisticated smart homes.

More time to focus on the possibilities.

Help your clients dream of what’s possible with an RTI experience in their home or business, and deliver it in a way no one else can. With Integration Designer APEX, we’re removing barriers, taking work off your plate so you can focus on the work that will drive your business forward.

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Is Integration Designer® 9 going away?

No. We understand that there are many systems that have been implemented with Integration Designer, and it isn’t practical to reprogram them in APEX. Integration Designer 9.x will continue to be available for support of existing systems, just as TheaterTouch Designer remains available for legacy systems. However, all new features and functions will be implemented in APEX, so new systems should be programmed in the latest version.

Why are we making this change?

The existing ID platform, although powerful, can’t support all of the current and upcoming features planned for future software releases. The new ‘backbone’ of APEX allow for significant future capability, as well as immediate features like graphics resizing and auto-programming. APEX will allow for substantial reductions in programming time for systems of any size, while still allowing complete customization of control logic and UI design.

Can I open my existing files in Apex?

Yes. You may open existing files in Integration Designer APEX in order to reuse the UI in a new project. By ‘tagging’ the buttons on your existing UI programming, you may now merge into any APEX project, and the template will auto-program. The control programming will not be imported from .rti files.

Can I still create my own UI?

Yes. In addition to the included, auto-programmed templates, you may create your own pages, tag them, and still utilize the powerful features provided by APEX. You may modify the template pages as desired, or take advantage of pre-tagged third party templates.

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